Saturday, 26 April 2014

Third Class - Video Filming

Hello guys =D !
So, we have began our shooting and editing the video as well.
Let's take a look of some of the scenes in the video:

Indeed, video filming is not an easy task, as we have to brainstorm which ideas could make our video more interesting and extraordinary. However, I could say that our story line is pretty much cliche, but of course we add some different elements in it as we put in some flashback and current situation.

We will upload the video soon, stay tuned =)

2nd Class - About Storyboard

~ Day 2

So, before we begin to create a video of our own story, Miss Peisha has explained to us about the storyboard. A storyboard consists of a rough sketch and some information about every scenes that we wanted to take before we begin our shoot. 

Below are the examples of some simple storyboard:

So, we also received some photocopies of this storyboard from Miss Peisha. Then, Miss Peisha showed us some of those interesting video which have the best video quality and story line in them. The first one, she showed us a Chinese New Year eve short film that tells about a typical Chinese family. The story begins with the only son the family who is not being grateful of what his family has done to him. He betrayed his family as he thought his family does not care and love him anymore. When he was at work, an accident happened and caused his leg to broke. Then, his father was positive and enthused to help his son to be able to use his leg to walk at the end of the story.

Thus, we discussed about the story line which will help in creating our own story.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

First Class - Introduction to Video a& Cinematography

~ Day 1 ~

     Today we attended class as usual, and Miss Peisha was the one who came to class to teach us something, which was related one of our assignment given by Prof Jaya. Undoubtedly, I was quite amazed with all those videos that were done by those students in MRSM. Well, for their age, I can say some of their ideas were definitely outstanding and creative as well. It was just the matter of the technology that they have, which means they might not had a better camera to capture a better quality of the video produced.

Engagement videography in Toronto
After Miss Peisha shown us a few videos, then she started to give us a simple briefing on what we are going to do for our video assignment. We were already divided into several fixed groups that will come up with our own production name. After that, each representative from various groups go in front of the class to tell everyone in the classroom about our storyboard. Indeed, we need to brainstorm more ideas in order to make the best quality of our own production's video.