Sunday, 4 May 2014

4th Class - Giving support and editing process

So....the basically guy  (Zahid) did the editing actually. Undoubtedly, I am not so good in editing video as compared to him, hence, he was willingly to take the job.

Well, of course we did help him in other aspects. Giving ideas is one of the most noble job perhaps. hehe. It was rather difficult for everyone to take part in editing process, right? But to give ideas, everyone should be contributing to it.

Undoubtedly, we have Asyraf who is an expertise in photography/graphic. While Bazilah is expert in giving comments and feedback as well as saying everything is cute. LOL. Well, for me, I also helped Zahid to give comment whenever he asked my opinions about the video while editing it.

Well good luck everyone, we have lots of works to do !! Brace yourself people!! 

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