Sunday, 4 May 2014

8th Class- Critical Review by Prof

So, the result turned to be as expected for me, but not for my other group members. But we did try our best to make the video. I treasure our own effort and time.

so here are the comments by Prof Jaya about our video:

"This video can sell well in Malaysia, because it is so Melayu."

"Very typical Malay drama on TV"

"Everything can be predicted. Cliche"

Well, of course it sadden us for a moment, so we kinda lost some momentum to re-shoot.

Now, we are still discussing about the changes to be made for the video.
Well.......of course we have learned a lot by doing this assignment, but at that moment, we felt that we just do not have enough time to re-shoot.

Let's see how it goes, will be updating about this again soon =)

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