Sunday, 4 May 2014

7th Class - Presentation Day

So this is it, the day we have awaited for quite some time. It is the movie day!

The last class for Materials before sem break. So, we presented the video to the class. Our group was the last to go. I'm not sure why Zahid wanted our group to be the last one to present but oh well, as long as we present I don't really mind.

The first to go was Estrella Production. Their story is about a girl (Shafinaz), who is stalking her boyfriend (Asyraf). She followed him around and took pictures of his meetings with other girls using a smartphone. Basically, he was having an affair. No, many affairs, with 3 other girls. With one other malay girl, a malay-chinese girl, and an indian girl. Classy Asyraf. 1Malaysia much. In the end when the man was sitting alone, all of the three girls came up to him and beat him up. Then the tagline popped up, #BeSmartHaveASmartphone. I think that one weakness of the video is the camera trick because at times, Shafinaz was supposed to be hiding, stalking behind a tree, but she was actually standing in front of a tree. That's not really stalking.... I wish they would record from a different angle that higlights how stalker-ish Shafinaz is.

Next was Sesame Bun Production, with their story about a man, owner of a burger stall was stalked by a girl. He was afraid and all, but in the end, the girl was actually followed him because she wants a burger. Hmm I couldn't really understand the ending because the man was supposed to be the burger owner, but towards the ending, he was sitting and a burger was sent to him. Maybe they should work on their plot twist in this video.

Third video was from KilixKilix Production. The name alone is so cute. Okay, their video is a message about vandalism. First, showed a girl (Yun), trying to buy water from a vending machine, but the machine rejected her money. Asri, who tried to be the hero, kicked the machine till the water came out and gave it to Yun. Yun poured the water to Asri's face because his action of vandalizing was not heroic and worth to be admired at all. Second part of the video, Asri saw a beautiful girl (Asiah), and wanted to court her. When he saw her, he flipped the table (an act of vandalism) and ran to Asiah. She slapped him because of his act. So cute. I like the video because it is short and simple.

Last was of course, us. Maybe because we're the only group that did a tragic video. So Prof said that the video is kinda dragging. There's some unnecessary part that should be cut off.

Peisha told each group which part in the video that maybe can be improved or edited. So ours is the scene before McD. We should just straight to the McD scene and just start from there. Overall, it was good. Every group did a job well done.

Everyone has their own ideas
I believed that we have already done our best =)

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